Surviving and Thriving the Music Rollercoaster


The thrill of learning to play a musical instrument is much like riding a rollercoaster.  The ups, downs, twists, and breathtaking moments are all part of the ride.  This audio download will make your musical ride easier and more enjoyable with stories, activities, and examples to help motivate and empower students, parents, and teachers.  Bonnie and her students share insights about these tools and how they have affected their music education and lives.

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Teacher’s Guide to Surviving the Music Lesson Rollercoaster includes teaching tips and tools to help your students excel at their instrument and achieve their goals by empowering and motivating them.

Student’s Guide to Thriving on the Music Lesson Rollercoaster gives students specific tools to help them overcome obstacles to achieving his or her goals. Stories, activities, and examples are used to inspire today’s music students.

Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Music Lesson Rollercoaster includes tools to help your child excel at their instrument and at life.  It addresses the questions:

  • Why should my child learn an instrument?
  • What is the role of parents in their child’s music education?
  • How can I be a more positive influence in practice?
  • How can we see and celebrate the progress the student has made?
  • How can I create an environment for practice?

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BONNIE SLAUGHTER, NCTM  has been a piano teacher and the director of the Oakwood Music Studio for over 40 years, teaching 80 students per week from newborn to adult. She is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. She is a member of the Idaho and Utah Music Teachers Associations. She has served as President of the Bridgerland and Ogden UMTA Chapters. She has also served on the Utah MTA State Board.

She has published five books, including music camps, Theory Strips, a series of music theory workbooks to help students better understand and apply theory, recorded a series of audio recordings “Surviving the Music Lesson Rollercoaster” and “Thriving on the Music Lesson Rollercoaster.”  She also offers classes and mentoring for parents and music teachers where they learn tools to empower, inspire and motivate their children and students.

Bonnie is the founder and director of the Northern Cache Valley Performing Arts Festival which is held in Preston, Idaho each spring.  The mission of the Festival is to provide adjudication and performance opportunities for students of all musical genres and abilities.

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