Tumbling Key Signature Dice


Constructed of durable foam with a soft cover, these dice invite touching, tossing!  Teach a variety of concepts such as the circle of fifths, the order of sharps and flats, the major and minor sharp and flat key signatures. The dice are excellent for use during private or group lessons or classroom. Key signatures up to 6 sharps and flats are incorporated into the faces of the dice so that they won’t fall or rub off.  To play:toss, roll, or kick the dice, and name or use the major or minor key that is face up.


One happy teacher Laura Lowe, has posted these additional ideas on her blog for using these dice:

  1. Teach the order of sharps and flats.
  2. Fill in the blanks of the circle of fifths with the roll of the dice.
  3. Spell or play the major or minor scale.
  4. Play the primary chords in the major or minor key.
  5. Improvise a short piece in the major or minor key.
  6. Transpose a simple piece to the major or minor key.
  7. Review scales for an upcoming exam – roll the dice and play “scale roulette.”

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