Walk on the Wild Side


Journey to the Serengeti National Park to meet Ledger Lion, Encore Elephant, Glissando Giraffe and much more in this year-long practice motivation game and activity program.




Hang the giant, professionally printed, vinyl game board on the studio wall.   For each day a student practices or completes a goal, they move one space on the board, on a route they choose. When they land on or pass each animal, students complete an activity and are awarded a sticker for their Safari Scrapbook.  The goal is to visit all ten animals, collect the stickers, and get back to the gift shop.  Even non-competitive students will enjoy this game since it is impossible to tell who may be leading.  The journey is more important than winning.

Teacher’s Kit Includes:

  • Large quality Vinyl Game Board to Hang on Studio Wall (36″ h x 30″ w);
    reusable for future years
  • 24 Game Pieces; additional pieces sold separately
  • Teacher’s Guide

Student Kit: Stickers and Certificates


Safari animal stickers to coordinate with game board
2 Certificates

Order 1 set per student.

Coordinating Assignment Book (studio license) is recommended. The assignment book includes scrapbook pages to put their stickers as they earn them.

Please note: The game board ships separately in its own tube and will incur additional shipping.  

“I have had two days of lessons — told the kids the Safari starts next week.  I have made a big to-do of the trip…..everyone is so excited.  Your program is a huge hit!  God bless you for the energy you’ve added to my studio this year!”  Jacqueline

” My kids love “A Walk on the Wild Side,” and I have been extremely impressed with their consistent practice. I offer them a bonus of 2 steps each week if they meet their practice goals – I am really surprised by how many of them work really hard to meet their goals.”  Linda C., a teacher from Iowa.

“A parent told me today that she doesn’t have to tell her child to practice!  They are motivated to practice on their own.”  Donna B., a teacher in Indiana

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