Motivation Program: Where in the World is Mr. Arpeggio?

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Transform your studio into a game and challenge students with this motivation program to find Mr. Arpeggio! 🧙‍♂️. Music students will be motivated to practice and complete goals in this fun and effective year-long practice incentive program.  Using solid instructional design theories, Where in the World is Mr. Arpeggio? ™ incentive program encourages and rewards students at just the right intervals while creating enthusiasm for piano and instrument lessons.


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Students are transforming into superheroes to find an international villain, Mr. Arpeggio, who is traveling the world stealing music terms and symbols.  But where in the world is Mr. Arpeggio?  Students practice and complete goals set by the teacher to earn squares on the giant game board (2 ft x 3 ft) hung in the studio.

Visiting each destination only once, music students must visit all 20 countries to collect postcards.  Each card provides an interview or information about the composer, music history, music concepts, and subtle clues to Mr. Arpeggio’s whereabouts.  In addition, students learn more about world geography and each composer’s nationality.

Each student’s goal is to finish the game during the year. Because they choose their path in the game, students are not able to easily see who is in the lead.  However, teachers may add a competitive aspect to the game by awarding a prize to the top finishers.

Teacher and parent-approved!  Both teachers and parents have noticed increased motivation and results with this practice motivation program!

Teacher Kit:

Professionally Printed Motivation Game Board is 2′ tall by 3′ wide, made from reusable heavy vinyl.  Game pieces stick to the board and re-stick as students move them each week.  Includes 24 game pieces and character inserts.  Order additional pieces separately.

Student Kit:

Postcards (one set for each student) and assignment book download (studio license) with answer pages, a place to track where students have been on the game board, and assignment pages.  While the program can be used without the assignment book, we recommend it for this program.

Assignment Book (Studio License Download):

Assignment book pages, practice record, place to track places visited on map, pages to answer questions from postcards.

Please note: The game board ships separately and will incur additional shipping.  

Your students will be excited to move their character on the board and see their progress in this incentive program for piano lessons or any music student.


Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Motivation Program: Where in the World is Mr. Arpeggio?

  1. Sam Marion

    I loved using this game board two years ago. I have my students listening to music of composers around the world as part of their assignments, so this worked very well. I love how the students can start anywhere on the board. That way it’s not competitive just by looking at the board. Of course, students will always compare notes on how many cards they have achieved! Another thing I like about using these games is that instead of saying to the student “how many days did you practice”, I ask “how many spaces did you earn”.

  2. Meagan

    My studio had a fabulous time using this game this past year! I had about 30 students participate from age 5 to age 15. The students had fun earning the postcards with the composer biographies. The game board itself is a very durable, thick plastic and it looks great on the studio wall. Most of my students finished the game during the year so I can safely say it encouraged more practicing. One of my young students came into lessons and said, “This game makes me want to practice more!” Woo-hoo! Thanks for the great game, I’m getting ready to purchase a new one for this coming school year. My students can’t wait!

  3. Anonymous Teacher

    Everyone has had a great time playing “Where in the World is Mr. Arpeggio”! The cards are so colorful and wonderfully full of intriguing information and the students were more interested and motivated to practice, so thanks so much for sharing all your creativity in your games!”

  4. Tana McKaughan

    All of my students played this game when everyone was stuck at home during Covid-19. It was the perfect thing to let the imagination fly when we were all grounded, and it helped my students (as superheroes) track down (by practicing piano) this menacing villain; Mr Arpeggio. I bought the downloadable version and printed out assignment sheets for the entire academic year, placing them into bright red binders, with the striking color covers inserted. Unfortunately my home printer used a lot of ink printing the black and white assignment sheets (which resemble a comic strip), costing me even more, but I felt it was worth it. I decided to ask parents to help defray my projected costs with a materials fee at the beginning, but it didn’t quite cover. Overall, The game brought new life to my studio, and my students, ages 7-17 enjoyed it, and practiced well that year. – Best musical growth I’d seen in a long time! We will play it again in the future. (I will need to buy more postcards.)

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