Music is Out of This World


Motivate Students to Practice and  Be Inspired to Compose.

Launch into a galaxy of motivation, learning, and fun!  Students will complete their space mission by practicing or completing given goals to earn squares on the giant game board hung on the studio wall, to collect planet cards and complete focused listening activities.  Through these postcards, students will be inspired to compose their own movement about Pluto.



For each day students practice the required amount or meet a given goal, set by the teacher, they will earn one space on the giant game board hung in the studio.

Visting each destination only once, students must visit all of the planets, the sun, the moon and the space station to earn all 11 available planet cards, one at a time.  The back of the postcard provides a QR code and website link to a focused listening activity as well as questions about that video.  Students will learn about the 7 movements of Holst’s’ The Planets and compare to other movie and space music of movies. They will also learn and review various theory concepts such as dynamics, ostinato, key signatures, tempo, time signatures, motifs, major or minor and what a tone poem is, applying each to the video and to their original composition.

Teacher Kit Details:
Game Board is 2′ tall by 3′ wide; made from heavy vinyl that can be reused year after year.  Hang the game board on the wall using two thumb tacks.  Game pieces stick to the vinyl and re-stick as students move them each week.  24 game pieces and character inserts included with the game; additional pieces may be ordered separately.

Complete Student Kit:
11 full-color planet postcards, assignment book with answer pages, a place to track where students have been on the game board and assignment pages.  Each student will need one student kit.

Please note: The game board ships separately in its own tube and will incur additional shipping.  


What Teachers Are Saying

“You saved my student!  I had the new game chart on my wall and the assignment books ready for my students this afternoon. One of my best students who is entering 2nd grade (she just made a 94 on the RCM Music Development Preparatory B assessment) told me that she and her mother had been talking about possibly quitting piano because she didn’t want to practice every day. She came for her lesson today and saw the new game board on the wall and said to her mother on the way to the piano, “I can’t quit. I have to complete this chart”. How about that! One never knows what might make the difference in a child’s motivation. Thank you so much for your work. ”  Sam M, Teacher in North Carolina


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