Practice Incentive: Road Trip: America the Beautiful

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Discover our nation’s most treasured National Parks and Monuments while inspiring students to practice for an entire year in this practice motivation program!  Students earn miles on the giant game board (2 ft x 3 ft) hung in the studio by practicing or completing goals set by the teacher. When a student lands on or passes a national park or monument, they earn a coordinating postcard with photos and interesting park facts.



Visiting each destination only once, music students visit all 18 national parks and monuments to collect postcards.  In addition, students learn about United States geography. Each card provides an interesting fact about each place visited.  Students can mail these postcards to a friend or family member to share what they are doing in music lessons or save them as a collection.

Each student’s goal is to finish the game during the year. Because students choose their path in the game, they cannot easily see who is in the lead.  Teachers may add a competitive aspect to the game by awarding a prize to the first finisher(s).

Teacher and parent-approved!  Both teachers and parents have noticed increased motivation and results with this practice motivation game!  Pack the car and let’s explore America!

Your students will be excited to move their car on the board and see their progress in this incentive program for piano lessons or any music student.

Teacher Kit Details:

Professionally Printed Motivation Game Board is 2′ tall by 3′ wide, made from reusable heavy vinyl.  Game pieces stick to the board and re-stick as students move them each week.  Includes 24 game pieces and character inserts.  Order additional pieces separately.

Student Kit Details:

Set of 18 color postcards (one set per student).

Optional: Assignment book download (studio license) with answer pages, a place to track where students have been on the game board, and assignment pages.

Please note: The game board ships separately and will incur additional shipping.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Practice Incentive: Road Trip: America the Beautiful

  1. Sue D

    My students and I love this idea and game board. We played it 2 different semesters, each time a little differently. Students were very motivated and competed against each other when they all started at the same place. In one scenario, the grand prize went to the first student that finished with the most number of days practiced and reached the most goals set each week. At the start of the game, I added sticky markers so all students could move along the same path. The other semester, when students picked their own route, I saw it took more lesson time to give students ideas for alternate (shorter) routes. Bottom line…..all my students were excited to see their name markers move week to week. Now we want your Mr. Arpeggio and Museum games.

  2. Noreen C.

    Last summer I had fallen into a slump. Finding the “America the Beautiful” incentive program revitalized me and my studio. The students were so motivated from week to week to move forward on the map. We culminated our year with an “America the Beautiful” recital featuring American Folk Songs, patriotic and military theme songs with a backdrop screen displaying pictures of landscapes of America. It was one of the most fun and moving recitals we’ve performed. Thank you so much for your educational products!

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