Road Trip


Motivate.  Practice.  Discover.

Discover our nation’s most treasured National Parks and Monuments while inspiring students to practice for an entire year!  The views are spectacular and the motivation is exhilarating! Catch a glimpse of the world’s most extensive marine fossil reef, experience the splendor of Yosemite Falls and the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.  Hike to the Continental Divide, explore the only place crocodiles and alligators co-exist, fly to Alaska and relax on your 15-day Hawaiian cruise!



Junior Rangers earn 100 miles on the Road Trip: America the Beautiful map for each day they practice or complete a goal.  When students land on or pass a national park or monument, he or she earns a coordinating postcard with photos and interesting park facts.

No two trips will be alike! Students plan their own route, to visit all 18 national parks and monuments during a school year!  Pack the car and let’s explore America!

Teacher Kit Details:
Game Board is 2′ tall by 3′ wide; made from heavy vinyl that can be reused year after year.  Hang the game board on the wall.  Game pieces stick to the vinyl and re-stick as students move them each week.  24 game pieces and car inserts included with the game; additional pieces may be ordered separately.  The game board ships separately in its own tube and will incur additional shipping.  

Each student will need an assignment book and coordinating postcards.  These materials are available in two ways:

Option 1: Complete Student Kit:
Complete Student Kit (18 postcards, assignment book with travel bingo game).  Each student will need one student kit.  If you purchase this complete student kit, it comes with the postcards so there is no need to order separate postcards.

Please note:  The printed assignment books included with the complete student kit are a special order at this time.  Please allow 2 weeks for printing.  Please contact us for special orders.  

If you would like, you may instead order the downloadable assignment book and then order the postcards separately for each student. Postcards are not a special order. Alternately, there are other themes with printed assignment books in stock and ready to ship including Where in the World is Mr. Arpeggio, Music is Out of this World, Music Innovations Museum and Manhattan Medallion Hunt.

Option 2: Digital Assignment Book
 Teachers may purchase the reproducible assignment book for their own studio and then order the postcard sets separately, one for each student.



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