Manhattan Medallion Hunt Motivation Game


Practice is a walk in the park!

Visiting each destination only once, students must visit all 9 central park attractions to find the hidden medallions; each includes a tip for effective practice.  Earn all available wooden tokens, one at a time, plus a special medal at the end to complete the hunt and gain a collection of coins that serve as physical reminders for how to make the most of their practice time.



Students each get a character piece to stick on the giant heavy-duty vinyl game board hung in the studio.  Starting at the entrance to the park, each day he or she practices or completes a goal earns them a step (stepping stone) in Central Park. Choosing their own path, students must visit each attraction to collect the hidden medallions. After collecting all 9 coins, students make their way to the exit where they will earn a special medal for completing the hunt.

Even non-competitive students will enjoy this game since it is impossible to tell who may be leading.  The journey is more important than winning.

Teacher Kit Details:
Game Board is 2′ tall by 3′ wide; made from heavy vinyl that can be re-used year after year.   Game pieces stick to the vinyl and re-stick as students move them each week.  24 game pieces and character inserts included with the game; additional pieces may be ordered separately.

Student Kit:

  • Nine custom wooden tokens, one for each attraction on the map
  • One medal for completing the program.  
  • Themed assignment book with practice tips.
  • Each student will need one student kit.

Assignment book may be ordered as a download and postcards may be ordered separately to use with this download.

Please note: The game board ships separately in its own tube and will incur additional shipping.  


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